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Monday, February 14, 2011


Recently alot of ppl around me starting to take the opportunity to build a smooth road for their future, like attending sum event or create sum event, or other things else. But, i m still sit at here facing my comp but do nothing, suddenly the feeling of depress pop out in my heart, lazy to move lazy to learn, wat m i doing?my life is going the end without doing any big business, CANT!!get me some idea, i nid to get bek my ambition!!let me set a target, hmm~~next weekend get a job 1st, at lease this can settle my situation now, "poor", then save up some money and create a business website for my own, dunnoe wether this can sucessful or not, at lease i got the plan now, moreover, buy a new car??hmmm~~~4 years!!i muz change a new car!!
Mayb my starting way is different, but i will chase u all in the way of successful, comeon, fight for our future!!Phan Dick Son, kamu boleh!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Appear......This second

I m back....as a blogger user, i cant let it be that, i mean i wont forget it....haha XD
so~~from 2day onward, i will try my best to let my followers know wat m i doing recently, haha~~even a small matter i will oso try to bring it out to u all~~PEACE :)
So as usual, i m not a lazy ppl, hehe~~~i m very hardworking MAN, due to many assign, homework, test so on and on nid to be done currently, so my mind cant even fill in a such of little things, so, sorry blogger, i will care u more on coming days :D

So may i start bloging?...:)

first i nid to bring out is, BAD NEWS :(
4th of December my Marketing Society will having a visit, but at the same date, my family are planning to GENTING, man, i mean why will this happen><.......for me i will choose genting, hmmm, hopefully Ms Soh and Dr Goh can allow me to do so..Hope so...God bless me...

AND today, i went to played pingpong with my classmate named Ah leong, i get a lot of fun thr, as a sports lover, i CANT live without sport, so thx to my friends =)

Here, i would oso like to greet my relatives and friends who taking their SPM, good luck wor :)


Sunday, May 16, 2010


keep standing thr.....sumtimes i really dunnoe wat m i doing~~sigh~~

Friday, February 5, 2010

hak zai dou~~~

hak dou mou yan yao ah~~hai gam geh, gor yat bai yi leh zhao tong ngor geh bi kui GALAXY keng gai, dim zhi yu siong yat ban malaizai, then leh zhao fat shang jor hou do yeh, yi gah gao dou mou che yong, ding kui, yi gar fan hok ngor dou mm zhi dim xun, yu gor bi mou che yong ngor dou mm dak zhai kui, zhan hai hak dou, gor yat fan dou okie yao jing shiong jor giok tim~~arrgghhh~~seii yeh ah ~~#@$#**(**&)(&*#~~gek kiu sei ngor jor ah~=X

Monday, January 25, 2010

ngek ngek ngek~~holiday liao~~YAHOOO~

Finally, i finished my examination, i dun care whether can pass or not, i juz know holiday r waiting 4 me, i love u holiday~~~~i wan 2 go here go there go in go out!!!!~~=D